For partners

For many years, VENDIX has been successfully installing, maintaining and promoting its’ own international network of modern vending machines selling food and beverages. For all the time on the market, our specialists have accumulated the necessary professional experience, studied reliable classical business development strategies and developed effective ones of their own. We are dynamically and successfully developing areas of investment and customer service of the company. A unique opportunity for everyone to take a stake in a large developing business and provide themselves with high, daily, stable income from the numerous vending network of VENDIX vending machines.

The Vending business model

Installation of one vending machine with the purchase, connection and full load costs the company $4000. In developing an affordable investment proposal for the company's clients, we divided the cost of the vending machine into 100 shares at $40 each. Each investor of the company can purchase any number of shares that bring profit for life. And on reaching $4000, he becomes the full owner of the purchased vending machine. Profit from the purchased share is charged once a week. Every Sunday, specialists of the company sum up the results of the past week and set the percentage of profits of shareholders and owners who bought out the vending machines.

Placement Memorandum

Share Buyout

The cost of one share - $ 40

The term of the contract is unlimited.

Profitableness per week - from 7% to 12%

Limit on the number of shares - no

Profit earning - weekly

Full redemption - $ 4000

½ ТА

Investor shares - 50 ($ 2000)

Discount - 10%

Total cost - $ 1800

The term of the contract is unlimited.

Profitableness per week - from 7% to 12%

Profit earning – weekly


Investor shares - 100 ($ 4000)

Discount - 12%

The total cost - $ 3520

The term of the contract is unlimited.

Profitableness per week - from 7% to 12%

Profit earning - weekly

Profit calculator

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Number of shares

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Your profit will be

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Agreement and Investors Pool


VENDIX partner registered in the Personal Account and purchased 20 shares of a new vending machine for $ 800. The weekly percentage of the company's profit depends directly on the sales for the week and amounts to at least 7% of the invested amount. In this example, it will be $ 56 at the end of the working week during the operation of the trading terminal. The first and each subsequent accrual occurs 7 days after the purchase of shares. To withdraw the accrued funds from the balance, the investor needs to log in to your account and order a payment. After processing by the operator of the order, the funds will go to your account of the payment system, on which the withdrawal request was issued.

Discounts for owners

When buying immediately 50% of the vending machine (50 shares in the amount of $ 2000) or completely (100 shares in the amount of $ 4000), investors have the opportunity to receive discounts on the purchase of 10% and 12%.


The owner, who bought a fully vending machine for $ 4000, has the opportunity to order a contract with the company and a certificate. The contract is sent to the address of the filed application within a week. You become the full owner of the purchased trading terminal with indefinite use and the possibility of inheritance of property rights.

Sale of a share

Each partner who bought several shares or a vending machine fully has the right to sell them back to the company. You can apply for the sale of shares through the provided contacts on the site. All conditions will be sent to you by a consultant or manager. After that, the company will calculate the entire profit received by the co-investor, and if you retain 20% of the invested amount for maintenance, it will return the full amount.

Investors Pool

Our specialists have developed an opportunity for everyone to receive a daily profit from the shares purchased. “Pool” may be collected in the partner’s office. A simple and reliable way to get a stable daily income at a fixed percentage.

Exposed minimum and maximum fee. After the required amount is collected, the ready pool of investors closes and a new one is assembled. After entering the partner, the profit is received after 24 hours.


A simple and convenient way to Deposit and withdraw funds
is performed using well-known payment systems,
cooperating with our company