About us

VENDIX successfully installs, maintains and promotes an international network of modern food vending machines. Having started its business in 2003 with the installation of the first vending machine for the hot drinks sale and officially registered in 2015 in the UK, the company now owns a wide automated network for the sale of goods and services in cities of America, Asia and Europe and is one of the largest vending - operators in the world.

Vending machines of VENDIX company, installed in offices, educational institutions, industrial enterprises, hotels, restaurants and public places, bring investors together with the company stable, daily and high profits.

For all the time on the market, our specialists have accumulated the necessary professional experience, studied reliable classical business development strategies and developed highly efficient ones of their own. Considering all the conditions for stable overall profit growth and minimizing risks, even if vending machines are installed on unprofitable points, they can always be rearranged to others, and return on investment by selling commercial equipment that is always highly valued and in demand in the secondary market.

We are dynamically developing areas of investment and customer service of the company, improving existing ones and planning fresh ones. Today, together with an experienced VENDIX specialists team, you will be able to create solid conditions under which money will work steadily for you. Opening the investment direction, we are guided by the most favorable conditions, taking into account the interests of both large companies and private investors.

What is Vending?

Vending is the sale of goods and services using automated systems (vending machines). For many years of development and popularization, such a convenient way to sell products and provide services has become widespread in the world and has become an integral part of the life and culture of many nations. According to the US Department of Labor, one vending machine each hour brings an average of $71 to its owner. According to the European Vending Association in Europe, goods on $20 billion worth are sold annually via vending machines and this figure is increasing by 5-10% per year. In Japan, Vending is one of the main ways of doing business. One resident has an average of 20 vending machines, and the record market volume is $ 60 billion.

Advantages of the Vending business model

vending equipment operates around the clock and brings daily profits.

minimum investment at the initial stage of business development.

instant receipt of funds for goods sold.

minimum risk, the machine can always be rearranged from unprofitable sales points to others.

the safety of investments, the machine can always be sold.

minimal maintenance costs and staff.

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